What to Consider When Choosing Lighting for Your Kitchen

Lighting in your kitchen is often an afterthought but shouldn’t be as it is an integral part of any kitchen design.

When working with our customers on their kitchen designs we establish how exactly they use their kitchen. Is it the heart of the home? Together with baking, food preparation, kids homework, socialising with friends etc. Understanding the needs of the customer will ensure that their requirements are met.

When planning any kitchen you will need to determine the ‘task’ area, which is the area that is, used the most and this is usually between the hob and the sink. It is imperative that this area is lit well and using the latest LED lighting throughout, provides a clear light which is the most efficient form of lighting these days.

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Creating the stage for your new kitchen evolves through working with you to choose from a wide selection of units, surfaces, appliances, textures and colours.  Whether you are looking for a modern kitchen, traditional kitchen or combination of both we can help you select a palette of colours and materials to create a cohesive finish.

To help you enjoy your new kitchen we also consider the best use of space taking into account working areas, storage and your priorities so that we can improve functionality and flow.  As well as delivering a stylish kitchen as individual as you are we want you to enjoy your kitchen for many years to come.

To discuss your new project or kitchen design, contact Kate at Sanctuary Kitchens and Bathrooms.