Subtle Surfaces

Subtle Surfaces

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Subtle Surfaces

We all eat and cook in our kitchens so why not do it in style.

Whilst the cabinetry we choose is the main decision we make for kitchens we shouldn’t forget the sophisticated and dramatic impact worktops have on the overall design.  It should never be an afterthought but an integral part of the design planning.  With such a prominent place in the kitchen we thought we would share some subtle surfaces from Caesarstone.

Founded in 1987 Caesarstone was a pioneer of natural quartz surfaces and today they continue to innovate through design and craftsmanship to set trends across the industry.  Creating different textures, finishes and designs working alongside world-renowned designers and architects to collaborate on design trends.  They believe in combining beauty with outstanding performance to enable you to bring your design imagination to life.

Why choose Quartz?

It is not only a beautiful material it is also one of nature’s hardest minerals.  Containing up to 90% natural quartz, Caesarstones surfaces combine practicality with stunning design.

Durable – better than most stone, marble and granites it is impervious to stains, scratches and cracks along with being highly heat and cold resistant.

Scratch & stain resistant – very hard-wearing and able to withstand most challenges of everyday life.

Easy maintenance – Caesarstone surfaces don’t need sealing, treating or polishing, just a simple wipe clean with detergent and water.

Design flexibility – with cool, tactile qualities a huge range of designs can be created curved, shaped and many more.  Highly adaptable to be cut and fit into nearly any space.

Colour palette – a wide variety of colours, styles, designs and textures can be achieved giving you freedom to stretch your imagination.

Caesarstones Statuario Maximus timeless marble

If you wish to add timeless marble to your kitchen then consider Statuario Maximus quartz worktops.  It never ceases to impress with its crisp white background adding a touch of brightness with an authentic luxurious arabescato marble design.

The sophisticated finish gives the design a class of its own, ideal to enjoy the finer things in life.  It has all the clean lines of marble but without the impracticalities.

Rugged Concrete part of Caesarstones Metropolitan Collection

Capturing the aesthetic of poured concrete the matt finish and unique textural patina of Rugged Concrete is perfect for the industrial urban design.

Part of the Metropolitan Collection which are designed to reflect the authentic patinas of industrial materials, each worktop in the range is unique but also offer ease of maintenance as expected from quartz worktops.  The range has a chic appeal that won’t sacrifice quality and durability.

With a coarse appearance which emulates the random pitted finish of concrete it also remains smooth to the touch.  Mixing dark and lighter shades of grey to provide a natural appearance this bold and eye-catching worktop will make a striking statement in any kitchen.

Cloudburst concrete by Caesarstone

Part of Caesarstones Metropolitan Collection Cloudburst has a warm grey marble style with a featured icy white concrete effect.  This gives the quartz stone texture and movement subtler than rugged concrete it adds a softer accent to the kitchen design.

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Elegance with Caesarstone’s Calacatta Nuvo

Enhancing any interior with its unforgettable elegance Calacatta Nuvo adds glamour and glow to the kitchen.  Interpreting natural Calacatta marble it brings stylish wide, elegant cascading grey veins onto a classic white base.

Luxurious indulgence it creates a stunning centre piece with its thick veins running smoothly through the stones, subtly blended with white undertones.

This timeless worktop would work well in both traditional and modern settings.

SKB SS 5100_Vanilla_Noir 525

Vanilla Noir from Caesarstone’s Supernatural collection

Bold, dark and dramatic Vanilla Noir adds elements of grandeur to kitchen designs.  A dark twist on light marble the polished black surface contrasts with stark white veins with a sumptuously dark finish.  The combination of dark and light gives a mesmerising, modern and sleek finish.

White marbles have been popular over the past few years.  We have recently seen a shift though with a move away from traditional white kitchen worktops to something with more depth and drama.  Black is becoming the new white.

Vanilla Noir would look at home in period settings adding Art Deco glamour, but is versatile to utilise in any monochrome contemporary or modern kitchen.

SKB SS 5043_Montblanc 525

Caesarstone’s Montblanc

Taking its inspiration from classic natural marbles, Montblanc has a beautiful ivory white background with grey-blue veins.  The classic design adds modern ambiance to the kitchen design and is perfectly suited to combine with various styles and colour tones.

If you are looking to add style and eloquence to you interior Montblanc could be the worktop for you.

All Caesarstone worktops are suitable for any kitchen providing style and maintainability with luxurious design and longevity.  They are available in a range of profiles whether you are looking to achieve a thinner profile for a more modern feel or a thicker 30mm for a traditional look.

At Sanctuary Kitchens and Bathrooms we discuss and incorporate every element of the overall kitchen design so that it is personalised and bespoke to you.  If you are looking for advice on worktops contact our friendly team today at or call 01932 255465.