Range Cookers – A Timeless Classic

A timeless classic is something that will last the test of time in both functionality and design.  Now, more than ever people are making decisions to buy the best they can so that they get the mileage out of their longer term investment.

We are often led by the heart and not the head when making purchase decisions.  Planning a kitchen design requires both.  It is the heart of the home where everyone gathers but also requires a logical process.  Ascertaining how it will be used, the space needed and what key appliances should be included to make life easier.

Buying a classic range cooker for a new kitchen is a big decision.  It can create the focal point to a kitchen design but importantly it is something people will get so much value and enjoyment from.  They offer such a wide range of functionality for the busy family or enthusiastic cooks.

Range cookers are often on people’s list of desirable appliances to have in their dream kitchen.  Their classic design is why they continue to be so popular.  Classic doesn’t mean traditional, range cookers versatile form and functionality allows them to look good in whatever setting whether it’s a modern industrial kitchen or traditional shaker.

Whatever the kitchen design there is a range cooker to suit that home. They come in sizes from 900 – 1805 mm and even if the kitchen space is compact they can provide a flexible cooking area.

There is a wide choice of fuel options from gas, electricity to dual fuel. Dual fuel with a gas hob which is easy to control and fan assisted electric oven which supports spreading heat around the oven remain popular.  However, the move to induction hob is increasing as it is easy to clean, faster, safer and can provide efficient cooking.  Compatible induction pans will be needed such as cast iron or 18/10 stainless steel.

For those looking for a bespoke designed range cooker, Lacanche offers a diverse range of colours, features and functions. Whether you are looking for a simmer oven, or to incorporate bbq grills, deep fat fryer and gas or induction tops, Lacanche is made to your specification. Made at their factory in Burgundy ranges have been made there since 1796.  They are hand-built to last a lifetime, using heavy-gauge steel, cast iron and solid brass.  It is easy to understand why they are used in commercial kitchens.  The vast range of colour options also gives people the choice to theme their kitchen design or create a stunning statement piece in their kitchen.

When choosing a range cooker it is always useful to view it in a domestic setting.  As a specialist Lacanche dealer Sanctuary Kitchens & Bathrooms have on display a working range cooker at their Surrey showroom in Shepperton.  Lacanche offer an annual service to keep their range cookers in good condition.  A service worth using considering they are still servicing range cookers that are over 20 years old!

Whether cooking for the family or an experienced chef requiring high performance Lacanche would provide the perfect range cooker. Cooking should be a pleasure a happy collective experience with friends or family.  French culture encourages good company and the sharing food at mealtimes an important part of their social life.  This is a growing trend in the UK.  With entertaining in the home on the rise giving budding chefs the opportunity to treat friends and family to home comforts whilst socialising in an informal environment.

Range cookers are all about cooking, they are a pleasure to look at, own and use.

This is an appliance that brings a whole new dynamic to the family home.