Looking for a stunning new kitchen – prices start from £10,000

Looking for a stunning new kitchen – prices start from £10,000

SKB 3D Kitchen 6 525

Looking for a stunning new kitchen – prices start from £10,000

It’s surprising how easy it is to afford a new kitchen, through clever design we at Sanctuary can help keep the costs down.

We provide free realistic 3D designs that help you visualise your new kitchen.  The kitchen layout design above starts from only £10,000 – it’s more achievable than you think.

Kitchens need to perform well, this is where the clever use of design really comes into force.  Remodelling the layout to make the space more functional as well giving the new kitchen the designer look you want.

There is now a wide choice of colours and textures to choose from, colour can significantly change the look of a kitchen.  Slab doors are very cost effective and come in a range of textures including concrete which has a timeless appeal transforming any kitchen.

The size of the units you choose can also impact the overall costs.  For example reducing the amount of wall units or selecting larger drawer units can save on the number of units needed for the new kitchen.  Clever design not only looks at the finished appearance of your kitchen but also ensures that it functions beautifully and provides much needed practical and accessible storage.

Appliances come in a vast choice of materials and functions all offering unique and practical experiences.  Part of our free consultation helps establish what you desire within your new kitchen, we can provide guidance on space saving solutions such as dual purpose appliances to bespoke pieces.

Let us take care of everything, we can help from designing and supplying your kitchen to our all-encompassing service which includes design, supply and installation.

Why not contact us today on 01932 255465 to arrange your free 3D design consultation.