Kitchen trends coming into the mix for 2018

The New Year brings a recipe for change and also opportunities to give homes a detox.  From clearing out clutter to the new wellness interior trend of creating calm spaces inspired by nature.  Let’s have a look at some of the trends predicted for kitchens in 2018.

Purifying your Kitchen

The kitchen pantry is growing in popularity with many homeowners making space in their new kitchen.  With the popularity of Bake Off many are inspired to create tasty treats but unfortunately a whole raft of equipment and ingredients is required to achieve this.  What better way to hide everything away than a pantry larder.

Dramatic Peacock Blues to Pastels

White will always remain a classic shade for kitchen cabinets but colour is gaining momentum throughout homes.  Shades of blue are being seen within kitchens from dramatic peacock blues to lighter shades or even two-tone combinations such as blue and grey.  Other dark versatile shades such as forest green are also being featured which coincides with the nature inspired themes being seen across homes this year.

If a dramatic pop of colour is too much there is a wonderful array of pastels from pale blues, soft pinks to sage green.  Sage has started to replace traditional neutral tones working well with greys and pairing beautifully with wood effects continuing the trend for natural based designs.

Colour is important in any design, when choosing colour in the kitchen it is always best to consider each zone.  Dependent on the light in the kitchen it is usually best to place darker units on the base with lighter tones above.  Bright and light tones are ideal for cooking areas but darker tones can be utilised in entertaining spaces accompanied by ambient lighting.

Glamour and Sparkle

All that shimmers is being seen with metallic textures featured in tiles, splashbacks and surfaces.  Gold and copper continue to add the luxurious finish to kitchens from tiles, handles, taps, lighting, sockets.  Handles are also making a return to the modern kitchen, allowing a bespoke finish and accents to the overall design.  Organic textures create warmth to a design, accompanying these with gold and copper accessories gives it the sparkle.

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Industrial Chic

Nickel and brass provide a contrast to those wanting something different to the high shine materials.  Working well with organic elements including wood, dark and concrete surfaces, differing work surfaces can help adapt the kitchen to your lifestyle from preparation to entertaining areas.  A trend for concrete effect doors continues, along with open shelving in either rustic wood or metal creating both practical storage as well as an eye-catching display.

Broken Plan Living

Open-plan kitchens have offered a solution for modern living giving homes a versatile space for cooking, entertaining and spending time as a family.  Broken plan living is evolving to offer a more zoned approach allowing for quieter spaces and hidden areas from everyday clutter such as the ironing pile to dirty pots and pans.

Without compromising on the benefits of open-plan such as increased light and sociable living spaces, broken plan can offer this and more.  Simple solutions such as freestanding shelf units, wider door openings, breakfast bars or islands to create a subtle wall between one zone and the next.

Low level walls can also offer a practical solution to place furniture and storage and internal windows help create relaxation areas to chill out to whilst keeping the sense of space and light.

Seating is making a welcome return to homes, less stylised than previous decades but with more refined textures and materials to create social and comfortable areas which ties in well with broken plan layouts.  Keeping a connection to each area is important to allow you to socialise throughout the space but also allow privacy when you wish to escape.

Open Shelving

With a desire to personalise a kitchen space and bring the outside in, open shelving offers the perfect backdrop to achieve this.  Contemporary designed floor to ceiling units without plinths provides valuable storage whatever the kitchen dimension.  Including lighting within the shelves creates a more stylish feel and works well in both open living spaces and kitchens.

Open shelving works well in all kitchens designs from traditional, classic, modern or contemporary.  The perfect setting for displaying personal accessories, stylish crockery or glassware, cookery books, unique storage jars and indoor plants and herbs.


Hot Water Taps

Kettles are running out of steam, the sales for hot water taps are increasing year on year.  Boiling taps offer both a time-saving and space saving solution for kitchens.  They are not just for cups of tea and coffee but can also be used for cooking vegetable and washing dishes.

The space saving advantages allows worktops to be less cluttered and they are safe.  Quooker taps have a fine spray instead of a solid water flow reducing the risk.  With an energy efficient focus they can also save energy and water as most overfill the kettle or forget it has boiled and boil it once again.  As well an efficient and practical part of the kitchen they can also add a stylish feature to a kitchen design.

Lighting up the Kitchen

The use of LED lighting is allowing homeowners to illuminate their kitchens in a unique and personal way.  Offering versatile lighting in both cool and warmer tones for recessed lighting, beneath cabinetry at eye or floor level or within shelving to display accessories.  They are not only more energy efficient but also last longer.

Pendant lights provide the task lighting and can also compliment accessories along with creating stunning feature pieces in the kitchen or part of an open plan connected design.  Lighting allows people to adapt their space whether it’s a glamourous and sparkling chandelier, industrial lighting or the trend for gold accessories the choice is dazzling.

Whether planning to bring natural organic and botanical features to the next kitchen design or glimmer and sparkle 2018 looks to be an illuminating year.

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