Kitchen Trends – Bolder Colours, Patterns and Textures

Kitchen Trends – Bolder Colours, Patterns and Textures

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Kitchen Trends – Bolder Colours, Patterns and Textures

It’s time to say goodbye to some past kitchen trends and look at the latest fresh ideas coming through.  Bold colours, patterns and texture are now headlining.  If you are thinking about a total kitchen renovation, we thought we would share some inspiration for your next redesign.

We are all becoming more eco conscious and this is being reflected within interiors.  Buying better more sustainable and ethical products is a key concern when selecting furniture for our homes.  Kitchens are no exception, people want to buy high quality products that will last for many years with designs that are more personalised to them.

Minimalist designs particularly all white kitchens are slowly being replaced with more vibrant mismatched colours and textures.  The need for spaces which are not too perfect that reflect people’s individual personality and lifestyle is desired – a happy home.

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Concealed Kitchens

Open plan design has been popular over the past decade with people wishing to create more space and light in their homes.  A place that would bring everyone together.  This is making a gentle exit with kitchens going back to become kitchens, separate from the main living spaces.

Kitchens can be messy with cooking and the daily trappings of life which people don’t want on show when entertaining.  Broken plan is an alternative retaining the sense of space that open plan offers but with subtle divisions.  Using partial walls, screens or furniture to create distinct areas for cooking, entertaining and relaxing.  This allows the freedom to design each zone with its own mood and personality.

Seating can still be incorporated within a separate kitchen layout for relaxed and informal dining.  This gives the opportunity to make a mess and clean up later be it cooking or washing without having to observe it from the sofa.  Defined zones also allow the whole family to either be together or apart when needed.   Someone could be listening to the radio whilst preparing a meal whilst another enjoys reading a book on the sofa.  Separate zones allow for different activities that don’t interrupt one another.

Discreet storage and integrating fridges, ovens and appliances remains popular.  This helps to declutter the workspace in a kitchen creating a streamlined finish where everything has its place.  With a vast array of gadgets available for kitchens, people want to enjoy using them but not necessarily view them.  However, the concept to conceal everything is now being extended to the whole kitchen.

Smarter Storage

Buying better and reducing waste extends to our groceries, decluttering unnecessary ingredients or cooking utensils can also help with our wellbeing.  Concealed but smarter storage helps keep kitchens organised.  A larder for example allows people to keep everything in one place rather than within multiple cupboards.  With their fantastic storage capacity larders can give the opportunity to store everything away.  This frees up the walls within kitchens leaving space to add personal touches from pictures to pottery.

Metal effect blaze aluminum tiles by Minoli illuminate like shining steel

Open Shelving

Incorporating open shelving can make a kitchen feel more spacious by removing dominant wall cabinets the room can feel lighter and brighter.  They offer a practical storage solution too, easy to organise and access with everything on display from ingredients to glasses.  With a huge range of storage jars and containers it is easy to add colour along with nature inspired elements with touches of greenery to a kitchen.

What better way to showcase treasures in the kitchen than opting for open shelving.  Allowing a blend of old and new, open shelves add a touch of warmth or even a pop of colour to a kitchen.  Even the classic plate rack is heading back to kitchens this year, they provide a perfect place to store, display and access favourite crockery.

Contemporary Porto S / Bali kitchen range by Bauformat

Blended Kitchens

The twenties are seeing more mix and match kitchen designs, going beyond neutral ‘Greige’ and white with statement two tone cabinets popping up everywhere.  Blending colours can change the feel of a kitchen, adding interest and warmth to the room.

A combination of colours or textures is set to grow.  From cabinets, worktops to walls with a wide choice of colours and textures now available it allows people to combine different elements to truly personalise their kitchen.

Dramatic blues and deep forest green cabinets continue to grow in popularity.  They add a sophisticated and classic look to the kitchen, whether in a contemporary handleless or traditional shaker cabinet designs.  Accompany these with contrasting wood or white toned upper cabinets to offset the strong colour along with white or marble worktops to reflect light.  Keeping everything else simple in the design allows these bold colours to truly stand out.

Black is back adding a darker touch of luxury, pared with lighter wood to add texture.  Various tones of wood are also being seen in kitchen designs combined with accent colours.  Coloured cabinets with visible soft wood grains can add warmth and texture to the room.  This coincides with the desire for nature inspired earthy tones in our homes.

Alternatives to dramatic colours include tranquil soft pastel colours adding a touch of calm, think sage greens and pale pinks.  Blending the kitchen colours and textures achieves a design that is stylish and unique yet welcoming.

Variety is the spice of life, people want their homes to reflect who they are and how they live rather than being too structured.  Buying more responsibly and sustainably with a mix of old and new in warmer palettes and deeper accent colours reflects who they are.

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Marvellous Marble

One classic timeless trend that is here to stay is marble.  A popular choice for worktops this year, stronger veined designs are being seen giving the luxurious finishing touch to a kitchen.  With a large variety of designs available in quartz more are choosing this durable material for the colour options, beauty, finishes and easy maintenance.

For those looking for a streamlined kitchen consider extending the marble worktop to the splash back creating a contemporary sleek design.

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Tiles, Tints and Texture

Moving away from the minimalist to maximalist design what better way to add a pop of colour than through tiles, splashbacks and appliances the opportunities are endless.  This is where people can be bold and add drama to the overall design.  Think vibrant turquoise or pink splashbacks set against an all-white kitchen to add a chic finish or a 70s vibe with orange and yellows.

Colour pops can also be incorporated through appliances, Lacanche range cookers come in host of colours and finishes.  If this is too much consider black over stainless steel which is less dominating particularly in a small space.

Original Style_Mosaics_Poona Lexagon EW-PNAHEXMOS and Chanda CHNHEXMOS_Landscape 525

Glass mosaics by Original Style mixing black, blue and green tones

Serving as a focal point to the room textured and coloured tiles can bring the space to life.  Tiles can be used to create an elaborate backdrop to a kitchen, the opportunity to be brave and make an artistic statement.  A return to the 1920s is being seen with scalloped tiles adding an organic retro feel to the design.

Monochrome kitchens don’t have to be pale, add drama with bold colours giving the room an elegant finish.  Alternatively use texture and pattern in a monochrome design through tiles by keeping the colour palette simple but adding interest.

Areas often overlooked in kitchen design is the floor and ceiling.  Ceilings can be painted to match the walls.  The trend for black cabinets grows, why not paint the ceiling black to tie everything together in the overall design.

If lighter colours have been chosen for kitchen cabinets and walls a darker colour on the floor can make the room cosier.  Floor designs add the impact desired in a more subtle way.  If the floor is to be the main feature keep everything else minimal and avoid cabinets on the wall using alternatives such as open shelving.  Remember to include ceilings and floors in the overall design palette to help unify and connect the space.

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Adding a touch of luxurious elegance to interiors is the Stirling range by Crofts & Assinder

Mix and Match Metals

It is all about not being too perfect in the design.  This extends to the handles, taps and lighting in your kitchen.  Combine brass handles with nickel taps.  A kitchen isn’t complete without a statement tap.  For a space saving and sleek addition to any kitchen include a boiling water tap such as Quooker’s Fusion.  This now comes in a range of colours including black, brass, gold, polished chrome and stainless steel.

Brass continues to soar in interiors it works really well with darker hued cabinets like black, blue and green.  Handles can also add an interesting feature or sophisticated statement to the finishing touches to a kitchen.  The choices are limitless, from a continuous streamlined design or a mix and match of metals.

The next decade is seeing a move to a more kitchen centric design.  With personal treasures being showcased rather than hidden away, creating spaces that are not only individual and homely but a room people can truly feel relaxed in.

When designing your new kitchen think of it as a blank canvass.  Be bold and experiment with different colours, patterns and textures.  For inspirational designs and guidance on planning for your next kitchen renovation email us at or call us on 01932 255465.