Kitchen Trend Predictions for 2016

The start of a new year is always exciting as well as a great excuse to create a perfect new kitchen. If you’ve been putting it off but now feel it’s time to upgrade or add more style to your kitchen pop along to our showroom in Shepperton to start your journey.

Whatever your kitchen size we have innovative design solutions to maximise your space as well as matching design and layout to your lifestyle. Here’s our top five trend predictions for you to consider when planning your new kitchen.

1.  Smart Storage

Space is important in any kitchen design whatever the room size, todays kitchens are about customised storage solutions that are organised and convenient saving you time.

Always make the most of any narrow places, avoiding wasted opportunities with useful storage solutions such as slimline pull out cupboards for towels, utensils or spices.

Kitchen larders have also seen a resurgence in recent years, people are now living healthier lifestyles creating a need for more space for homemade cooking ingredients, dry food and fruit and vegetables. Whether built in, freestanding or walk in, larders are on people’s wish list.

Understanding how you plan to utilise your kitchen helps us design dedicated areas so you always know where to find items easily. We create storage that is accessible but hides away everyday items, designing organised, clutter free working spaces for you.

2.  Hidden Appliances

Concealing appliances within kitchen furniture suits todays open plan living, storing appliances such as fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers within kitchen furniture means the functional items are hidden away but still accessible.

Installing counter level appliances and built in ovens can also allow for greater worktop space in your kitchen. This will suit any kitchen design from Classic Shaker, Traditional to Modern Handleless.

3.  Induction Cooking

With more focus on energy efficiency, induction cooking is becoming the fast electric answer to gas cooking.  Induction cooking uses magnetism to conduct heat between the hob and the bottom of the saucepans. They are safer to use as there is no heating element under the glass. Areas that the pans are not in contact with stay cooler.

Induction cooking is very efficient as turning it on and off is instant. It also provides an easy to clean surface area.   As Miele partners, we can provide a range of induction hobs which offer a number of high-end features for added convenience.

4.  Instant hot water

The new kitchen must-have is an instant boiling water tap ending the need for a kettle and again saving energy as you only boil what you need.   These innovative taps are a great long term investment for your new kitchen providing filtered cold, hot and 100 degrees boiling water on demand.

Quooker taps come in a range of taps from separate boiling water tap with accompanying mixer tap, or the new Quooker Fusion: a single tap for hot, cold and boiling water. These ultra-safe, super-efficient taps are available in eight designs and three finishes.

5.  Colours and Textures

Trends predicted for 2016 include natural wood in paler tones, geometric patterns, glossy finishes, dark hues of blue, green and charcoal and softer colour palettes.  Dark charcoal grey kitchen cabinets once unthinkable can also create a real focal point.

Classic white and grey tones will continue to be a popular choice for kitchens. Grey in particular is a stylish colour particularly for flooring whether in warm or cool tones.

Mixing and matching your cabinet finishes and colours can create a unique and stylish combination for your new kitchen. If you can’t decide between furniture why not look to incorporate both within the design.

Worktops can also add complementary or contrasting colours within your kitchen design, either establishing a defined zone or feature with many new colour options now available.  Our range includes Silestone, Dekton, Caesarstone, Corian Compac and Spekva worktops. They come in a broad range of colours and depths, something for everyone.

Connecting kitchens to your outside space by using natural materials such as wood and concrete is another way to fluidly link both inside and outside spaces.

For more inspiration and latest trends visit Sanctuary Kitchens and Bathrooms showroom to see how we can help design and create a kitchen that works for you.