Imagine designing your own range cooker–look no further than Lacanche

Imagine designing your own range cooker–look no further than Lacanche

Vezelay in Provencal Yellow with Chrome Trim 525

Imagine designing your own range cooker
– look no further than Lacanche

Whether you decide to welcome a Lacanche range cooker into your home, know that every one is beautifully hand made to order making each one uniquely special for you. They not only offer a truly professional cooking performance but are extraordinarily versatile as well as being wonderfully tactile. 

Range cookers remain a much coveted piece for the home.  They are the essence of the kitchen like a trusted friend faithfully blending and creating delicious food time after time.  Which explains why we are so drawn to them and appreciate that they are a worthwhile investment.  Offering variable cooking options, sizes and styles that suit both traditional and modern kitchens.

Lacanche ranges add a stunning centre piece to any kitchen but behind the showpiece exterior lies a high performing cooking station that leading chefs happily use to create mouth-watering dishes.

Over 200 Years of History

Lacanche began its illustrious journey as a premier range cooker manufacturer in the 18th century.  Located in the heart of the Burgundy countryside in France, in the small village of Lacanche which is where the name came from and to this day remains the heart of the company’s operations.

In 1763 Jean-Baptiste Richard de Curtil a local landowner built a blast furnace at the original 15th century foundry.  By 1796 Jacques-Etienne Caumartin “Maitre de Forges de Lacanche” began manufacturing cast iron range cookers for the developing hotel and restaurant markets.  This then extended to both commercial and domestic ranges manufactured there by hand.  The company continues over 200 years later as an independently family owned business.

Beaune in English Cream with Chrome Trim Open Ovens 525

Why Lacanche?

What makes Lacanche so different from other range cookers apart from the amazing heritage is that they are built to last, using precise standards by hand to order.  The company’s overriding philosophy is a belief that even today it is better to create a product of substance and beauty that will provide service for many years.  They produce pieces with a long-lasting lifespan wishing people to enjoy and use their cookers for the future, an investment piece for the kitchen.

They are designed to offer years of service even in a demanding environment whilst still providing a professional performance.  At the same time they are simple to use and maintain.  They want you to enjoy and continue to use their cooker which is why they still service 30 year old cookers in the UK.  The “human touch” begins with skilled craftsmen manually piecing together each individual oven and extends to the service levels offered to maintain client’s cookers throughout their long lifespan.

Designing your Dream Cooker

Each Lacanche range cooker is made to your own specification.  There is an infinite choice of configurations to select when designing a Lacanche range cooker.  This includes the wide range of models available, hob types, oven types, built in options, dual fuel options, the shape and size and of course colour.

Lacanche proudly remains part of its local community with ovens bearing names of surrounding areas such as Beaune, Cormatin and Volnay to name a few.

With over 21 models to choose from in the Classic range and 20 in the Modern range these culinary masterpieces have something for every cook.  Range cookers of 900mm, 1000mm and 1100mm are the most common chosen but Lacanche has a size for each kitchen design.  Even the smallest Cormatin at 700mm is modelled on a powerful professional range with storage and a choice of hobs and ovens.

The Vezelay may be the grandest model at 2205mm yet it still maintains the discreet elegance of a well-proportioned cooker.   Offering immense output with two large ovens each equipped with a grill and simmer ovens, it also has the flexibility to warm plates or slow cook.

The size and model is only the beginning of the design process to create a dream cooker.

Classic Range

The sheer elegance of the Classic range of models makes them a firm favourite for those wishing to feature a more traditional design in their kitchen.  Every oven comes with a deep, useful storage drawer for roasting tins and baking trays.   These statement ovens come in a choice of 29 standard vitreous enamel colours to add a stunning centrepiece to your kitchen, or stainless steel for a more minimalist look or if someone wishes to make the oven truly unique a bespoke colour.

To complete the aesthetic element of the design there is also a variety of trims to choose from including brass, chrome, chrome matt, nickel, stainless steel and copper.

There are three hobs to choose from open brass burners with easy to clean stainless top and cast-iron pan stands are the minimum you expect with the classic hobs.  They have even included a flame failure device and child proof controls.

The traditional hob offers a mix of open brass burners with a cast-iron enamelled simmer plate which allows a different size pan on the plate at the same time.

Even the induction hobs are impressively powerful with outstanding temperature control, each ring is controlled from the knob on the front of the range.

From the choice of hob clients also get to select all other elements of their bespoke range:

  • Combine gas and induction hobs with traditional hot plates, planchas, chargrills, multi cookers and many other exciting additional hob elements.
  • Combine electric, convection, gas and low temperature simmer ovens.
  • Configure an all electric range, or dual fuel electric and gas (LPG or Natural Gas).
Lacanche Modern Macon IMG_6124-1 525

Modern Range

Stylish simplicity sums up the design of the Modern range yet still allowing a cooking platform that is engineered to perform in the world’s toughest kitchens.

The main differences between the Modern and Classic range is in the Modern cookers appearance, a sleeker design with a more contemporary stainless steel control panel and choice of chrome or brushed steel trims.

In all other areas the Modern range offers the same oven colour choices and cooking elements as the Classic range.

Look beyond the exterior and you find a powerful engineered oven that offers versatility and professional cooking.  Which is why Lacanche has successfully gained recognition from leading chefs and cooks from Raymond Blanc, Jean-Christophe Novelli, Delia Smith, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Ken Hom to name but a few.

SGM dŽcor 1


Lacanche don’t just design ovens but also professional standard accessories from the ridged griddle plate which enable people to sear and griddle food just as a commercial kitchen.  Lacanche think of every detail when designing their range cookers for you.

Other accessories include a smooth griddle plate ideal for a traditional English breakfast, simmer plate, wok ring, trivet, gastro steam tray perfect for steaming food in the multi cooker, gastro boiling basket easy to handle when boiling and simmering pasta or vegetables and so much more.

If you are looking for a cooking experience to a professional standard with an oven that will look elegant and unique in your new kitchen then Lacanche is for you.

Our showroom in Shepperton features a classic Macon Lacanche in white with brass fittings allowing clients to get a good look and feel of these beautiful ovens.  Whilst we are in temporary lockdown we can arrange a virtual tour of Lacanche allowing you to experience the range of models, colours and functionality.  To arrange your tour contact us today 01932 255465.

We can help you design your dream kitchen whether you are looking for a period feel or sophisticated contemporary look.  Guiding you through the perfect layout, helping you choose and visualise your style references from cabinet doors, worktops, tiles to range cookers and appliances.  All conceptualised in a computer generated design to let you imagine how your new kitchen will look and feel.  To arrange your free design consultation email us at