Hobs and Handles

Hobs and Handles

SKB HH CA MasterCroftsAssinder 525

Hobs and Handles

Lifestyles are changing since Covid and with it our interiors and how we want to enjoy our homes.  We are craving more connection with nature bringing the natural environment into our homes and living spaces.  Adding elements through scents, materials, tactile textures, shapes, colours, plants and importantly light. 

We now desire freedom to explore different design elements and textures.  Forget matchy-matchy, kitchens are now becoming more blended as we spend extra time within our homes both for work and pleasure.

The journey of kitchen design can be very daunting with so much to choose from.  You’ve picked your cabinets, flooring and worktops that still leaves the hurdle of hobs and handles.  We’ll help guide you through some of the various options available to you to make life simpler.

Hobs – which type is best for you?

One of the most essential items in your kitchen is your hob so choosing the best type for you is crucial.  Think about how you and your family plan to use the hob from a quick brunch to a delicious meal for friends.

Hobs come in a range of shapes and sizes so think about what you would need.  Each type of hob offers different benefits so we thought a little run through of the varieties available will help you choose the right one for your new kitchen design.

Gas Hobs

Gas hobs provide a more traditional feel to the kitchen design and are instantly easy to adjust and control the flames by offering temperature graduation.  They have also become more energy efficient with many including an optimal burner with flames spreading to the edge of the pan which reduces energy.

With the desire for more streamlined modern kitchens we have seen a growth in people choosing gas-on-glass models which are mounted on top of ceramic glass.  This design allows for a flusher fitting and is much easier to clean than conventional gas hobs which have more intricate elements.

The cons of gas-on-glass hobs is that they can be more expensive than conventional gas hobs and slower to heat up than electric ceramic models.  Gas hobs remain a popular choice for foodies as they are great for simmering and provide ease of controlling temperatures which can mean less time to prepare food.

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs create a sleek contemporary feel to kitchens.  The latest technology allows them to heat just the pan which then warms food quickly speeding up cooking times.  This makes them more energy efficient than ceramic hobs as well as safer by reducing the risk of burns.  They are also very easy to wipe clean and allow more preparation area in your kitchen.  The only setback for them are that you need to remember to utilise ferrous metal pans such as cast iron or stainless steel.

Our partner Miele who design and produce traditional and modern hobs that suit large or small kitchens have an expert guide of this much loved and used kitchen staple.  Sharing how hob technology has evolved and what options may be best for you.


Choosing the right kitchen hob will not only make a difference to your daily cooking routine but also the overall look and feel to your kitchen design.  We can help by sharing our knowledge on materials, technology and sizes.  As well as advising the best location to allow safe comfortable cooking and movement around the kitchen. Making sure the hob you choose not only suits your cooking and lifestyle needs but also features perfectly in the design of your new kitchen.

SKB HH CA malvern A 3 525

Malvern by Crofts and Assinder epitomises style and grace

Handles and Knobs

Often overlooked when designing a new kitchen is the handles these are the attractive features that can help transform a kitchen.  They pull everything together and add the finishing touch which can change the look and feel of the room.

The choice is vast with handles coming in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and materials.  They allow the freedom to mix contemporary cabinets with traditional fittings or vice versa.

SKB DS HH Armac 1 525

Mix an innovative collection of interchangeable cabinet hardware by Armac Martin letting you control the finish

Modern streamlined handleless kitchens have been popular in recent years, however by adding subtle handles to a minimalist kitchen it can still retain the pared-back look but with an individual design statement.  There is now a move to add more interest and personality to kitchens, putting things back on show rather than hidden away.  Handles are the perfect accessory to add character and style in any kitchen design.

SKB KT20 Stirling Skyscraper Shot 525

Crofts and Assinder Stirling range emanates regality with a hint of sumptuous luxury

Colours and Texture

The array of colours now available allows unique kitchen designs to evolve.  Brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze are very on trend, along with black which gives a dramatic finish to units.  Tactile leather adds a rustic and organic feel to units.  Copper, brass and gold tones are increasing in popularity giving a sophisticated glamorous touch to kitchens especially navy, black and forest green cabinetry.

SKB DS HH Monmouth BC group 525

Monmouth family combines simple geometric shapes with warm edges, perfectly matched for Shaker cabinets by Crofts and Assinder

Mix and Match

It’s not just about the colour but also the size and position, all of which can make a difference with the overall design.  With so many designs available along with a range of sizes the choice is endless from pull handles, cup handles, t-bars, trim handles or knobs.

We are seeing a return of oversized drawer pulls and trim handles in contemporary cabinets maintaining a minimalist appearance.  Position also plays a key element to the overall finish too, from horizontal to vertical on doors and whether to include one or two on drawer units or centralise for a more traditional feel.  Alternatively consider a combination of styles from knobs and handles in complimentary colour tones.

SKB DS HH Armac 2 525

Timeless and elegant Harold Collection by Armac Martin with a unique tactile finish

Handles are making a happy return they not only offer a practical solution but an interesting design feature to the kitchen.  Why not add your bespoke taste to the kitchen design with handles, it’s time to add a bit of glitz and glamour.

Our team are on hand to help bring you a truly bespoke kitchen with unique finishes, functionality and design flare.  Contact us today on 01932 255465 or email sales@sanctuarydesign.co.uk.