Quooker tap from Sanctuary Kitchens


Why Every Kitchen Should Have a Quooker

The Quooker boiling-water tap is one of the new ‘must-haves’ for your kitchen and should certainly be considered in your new kitchen design.

Boiling water taps are fairly new to the UK however over 250,000 kitchens in Europe already have Quookers for instant boiling water and have been known to change the way you cook.

We are all guilty of boiling a kettle with more water than we need and letting the hot water tap run until it reaches the temperature we need. With a Quooker tap you just use the amount of water you need – hot water without delay meaning less waste. It also has a high vacuum insulation, which means the stand-by energy consumption is only 3 pence per day!

When designing new kitchens many of customers request the need for additional work surfaces however these are getting more and more cluttered with kettles, blenders and espresso machines. By removing your kettle, a Quooker tap can produce more space on your work surface and also become a feature in your kitchen.

Quooker taps are ideal for family kitchens specifically families with young children. Research from RoSPA, shows that the kitchen kettle causes thousands of accidents every year, many involving children whereas a Quooker tap is securely mounted to the worktop. Other safety features of the tap include a child-proof push-and-turn handle and special gauze in the tap, ensuring the water comes out in a fine spray rather than a solid jet avoiding any burns/blisters from the boiling water.

Quooker tap from Sanctuary Kitchens

The Quooker taps are also great for time-saving, they can literally halve your dinner cooking time! Think about waiting for your pan of water for your pasta heating up, with Quooker that will save 10 minutes and you can blanch vegetables at the same time.

Quooker taps start from £1,200 and we recommend starting with a 3-litre tank, which is plumbed through to the mains water.

Visit www.quooker.co.uk

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