Cool and Classic beautifully designed kitchens by Kitchen Makers of Burbidge

Cool and Classic beautifully designed kitchens by Kitchen Makers of Burbidge

1847 Alderley Bone 525

Cool and Classic beautifully designed kitchens by
Kitchen Makers of Burbidge

Great kitchen design is often achieved in the details, the extra time and thought gone into every part of the room.  Our Kitchen Makers range embody the essence of great design and craftsmanship.  With a heritage for detail their intricate classic collection are beautifully designed inside and outside allowing for flexibility and creativity.

Kitchen Makers of Burbidge have been creating cool and classic beautifully designed kitchens for over 150 years.  This family owned company has unrivalled expertise and craftsmanship through a rich heritage in woodworking.  At kitchen makers each kitchen is uniquely crafted to perfectly match your home and lifestyle.

We want your kitchen to feel a relaxing space somewhere to enjoy with family or to take a few moments of time to yourself.  Kitchen Makers bespoke collection is a trio of timeless timber cabinets which all have their own distinct personalities yet each retain the high quality of design and hand-craftsmanship.  They also have a popular core shaker collection available in three ranges which are stylised to complement the Kitchen Makers collection allowing you to combine ranges.

There is a delicious palette of 16 stunning painted finishes to choose, from classic neutrals to striking accents.  If you are looking for something truly bespoke they can even match your new kitchen from a colour swatch by any manufacturer.

1858 alderley bone and cashmere 525

Kitchens to Treasure

With the fifth generation now at the helm this distinguished family business continues to thrive.  Founded in 1867 by Henry Burbidge it initially supplied goods for the building and sports trades, moving into wooden parts for the developing car industry.  By the 1970s Burbidge & Son had begun production of solid oak kitchen doors and cabinets for the growing housing market utilising their legacy of skilled woodworking and design.

Burbidge & Son is now established as one of the leading UK manufacturers of beautifully crafted kitchens and they continue to develop inspirational and innovative products.  Awarded the prestigious Manufacturing Guild Mark this reflects a mark of excellence in British furniture making.    Their rich heritage and high level of craftsmanship and design is alive and well.

How you experience your new kitchen is important, the design should make you smile when you enter the room, quality and craftsmanship that stands the test of time and tactile materials you want to touch and feel.  We want to help you create a kitchen to treasure from the day it is installed and in the years ahead that works in harmony with you.

1924 Somerton Baltic Green 525

Timeless Kitchen Design

Kitchen Makers of Burbidge collection is designed for people looking to buy a beautifully hand crafted luxurious kitchen both in terms of design and natural materials.  Respect for the environment is important to them and us.  All the timber used is sourced from well-managed forestry in Europe and North America and their paints guarantee colour-fastness but have a low environmental impact.

We want people to love their new kitchen not just from the day it is installed but into the future.  Whilst living spaces continue to adapt to our changing lifestyles, Kitchen Makers of Burbidge regularly adapt ranges to accommodate this whilst still paying attention to the detail.  Bringing their unique sense of British timelessness to all kitchen designs.

Kitchens have become multifunctional spaces from open living spaces, home offices to culinary retreats.  Sanctuary believe in helping their clients choose the right style for their home, whatever the size of the room.

With many of us spending more time at home we are seeing a trend for more colour in the kitchen from darker hues of forest green and moody blues to brighter colour pops.

Traditional styles are as popular as ever such as the classic Shaker which can be given a modern touch with on-trend colours.  We have also seen a revival of wood bringing earthy organic textures within the kitchen.

Choosing the right kitchen for your home is no different than selecting a piece of quality furniture for your home.  Careful consideration is needed on the design, functionality and craftsmanship, an investment for the future.

Design and durability is important, cabinets are made from European oak veneer and plywood substrate for a durable finish whilst the cabinet doors are crafted from 23mm European Ash with mortice and tenon joints for strength.  Inspired attention to detail is continued with their drawers which are constructed from solid European oak with dovetail details added for strength as well as luxurious design.

The Kitchen Makers collection by Burbidge & Son is a trio of timeless designs Alderley, Haddon and Somerton.  All beautifully crafted in timber with a choice of colours and accessories.  They each have their own unique characteristics handmade in the UK with the reassurance of a 10-year guarantee.

1878 Catch Cup Handle Haddon Charcoal 525

Alderley is the quintessential English shaker with authentic details and classic elegance which would feel at home in both modern and traditional settings.  Timeless design it comes with decorative beading, in-frame oak trays and spice drawers letting you choose your features.

Whilst Haddon is a more understated this attractive shaker design has fresher simpler lines which sit perfectly in contemporary or classic styles.  Personalise with open shelving replacing wall units or set against a backdrop of statement tiles or panelling.

The beautifully-crafted Somerton promises a sophisticated shaker design, with quarter round beading on the doors and concealed hinges guaranteed to draw the eye.  Delicate yet classic this thoughtfully designed kitchen would comfortably fit as a stand-alone or within open plan living spaces.

Tresco, Malton and Hidcote form part of the Shaker collection crafted from sustainable timber demonstrating the detail and quality you would expect from Burbidge & Son.  Their honest shaker design makes them easy companions to the Kitchen Makers collection.  With a shared but more pared back design detail they can easily be incorporated into pantries or utility rooms.

The enduringly elegant style of Kitchen Makers complement our beautifully handmade Lacanche range cookers.  Both offer personalisation, longevity, professional functionality and stunning form.

Every kitchen comes with a curated choice of 16 paint finishes along with bespoke colours if you wish to match a specific tone.  An authentic range of handles and knobs in prestigious finishes including brushed brass, copper and pewter has also been thoughtfully assembled to add the finishing touches to each kitchen.  Curved doors let you soften the lines to end units and statement islands.    Whether the kitchen is small or large, classic, traditional or contemporary the Kitchen Makers collection will work elegantly in any home.

1946 Somerton Baltic Green 525

Smart Storage

With kitchens having to work harder than ever before storage has become the saviour.  Thanks to influencers such as Marie Kondo we are also aware of the benefits of decluttering to make our living space more peaceful.

The appetite for concealed storage is growing from hiding away food, appliances and gadgets, we love them but don’t want to see them every day.  Clever storage is essential for small kitchens to make then efficient and stylish but also for larger kitchen spaces where multi-purpose uses means clutter needs to be tidied away easily.

Pantries and kitchen larders are becoming one of the most desired features in today’s kitchens.  They make the perfect solution to store food in one place making it easier to organise and access.  With the focus now on reducing food waste being able to keep an eye on what is in your larder helps such as placing food in date order, being able to easily check stocks to reduce bulk shopping and storing food well so that it lasts longer.

Kitchen makers of Burbidge have added a few twists to their pantry style larder- thinking of every detail.  They understand the secret to a luxurious yet efficient kitchen is by maximising storage and that today’s kitchens must work harder than ever.  Their crafting legacy is on display with details such as deep drawers that let you store pans and dishes, discrete waste and open shelving.

Consider combining wine racks and a display case within a clever multi-functional dresser or boost storage with a Space Tower which gives up to three times the load capacity.  The attention to detail is seen throughout with solid oak vegetable drawers which are a piece of beauty.

Storage shouldn’t distract from the overall aesthetic of good kitchen design.  It should work like a dream giving a sense of order whilst being visually attractive.

Incorporating a freestanding element such as a larder or statement island also allows creativity in the overall kitchen design.  A bold or complementary colour tone can be included to stand alone pieces.

Larders and dressers also offer the flexibility to be easily moved if you change or redesign your layout.  Glass doors and open shelving have also grown in popularity with the desire for ‘curated’ kitchens.  Allowing people to individualise their kitchen spaces with artworks, decorative pieces and china truly personalising their home.

Uncluttered spaces and well-honed storage creates the order within the kitchen, not only making it function like a dream but also allowing the design to shine.

Kitchen Makers are committed and meticulous in the design and craftsmanship of each bespoke kitchen.  With timeless collections to choose from in a beautiful palette of colours they can hand-craft a kitchen personalised to your home.

Kitchens offer the perfect opportunity to let your interiors take centre stage.  Let Sanctuary help you design a kitchen that is influenced by your colour palette and style, we want you to enjoy and feel good about your kitchen for the long term.

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