Colour Inspiration for Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the centre of your home, choosing the perfect colour palette for this room is important to reflect your lifestyle and the ambience you wish to create.

When choosing colours you should have no more than three principal colours, then add as many smaller accent colours as you wish to splashbacks, lighting or accessories.

One popular trend offering diversity is to use two different cabinet colours within the kitchen design, complementing one another either in similar or contrasting tones. Lighter hues are best for wall furniture with dark colours on the base as they ground the kitchen. 

Alternatively, use a different colour to create a feature island as our kitchen design shows below.  Keeping things simple is the secret to successful two tone kitchens, making sure the style and colours subtly blend together.

The colours you choose can also affect how the light and space feels within the kitchen. If you prefer cool colours such as blues, greens and violets these colours allow light to recede from you and can make a room appear larger. Light colours reflect light so if you have a darker room you may find using lighter tones will brighten and open up the room.

Warm colours (red, orange and yellow) bring surfaces closer to you, softening the feel of the room and taking the edge off polished work surfaces to create a relaxing kitchen. Deeper colours draw you into the room so if you are creating a large open plan kitchen you may want to consider warmer colours to make a cosier space.

If you want flexibility within your kitchen to adapt to the seasons, trends or when entertaining choose neutral colours they can create the backdrop to your room where accessories are the stage settings.

Neutral kitchens whether in a modern or traditional style allow you to change the look and feel of the space easily without needing to change the key structure of the room. Here is an example of one of our neutral warm kitchen designs.

You can create a neutral kitchen by using tones from brown such as natural wood, beige, white or grey. Grey is frequently used within today’s kitchen designs offering many different hues with a choice of cooler or warmer effects. The key to a neutral design is to utilise texture which can be incorporated within worktop surfaces.

Colour affects all of our emotions in different ways, yellows hues can make you feel cheerful, blue secure, red adds warmth so think about your personal preferences. The position of your kitchen and access to natural light will also effect the colour of the room, north facing rooms may need lighter colours to feel brighter, eastern facing will change throughout the day from warmer in the morning to cooler in the evening.

Sanctuary Kitchens can work with you to design a kitchen that suits you, from crisp whites, warm neutrals to bold splashes of colour.   We are here to help you customise your kitchen creating a colour palette of your favourite tones.   Why not check out our portfolio for inspirational ideas or book an appointment with one of our designers to begin your kitchen journey.

Whatever colour scheme you desire, Sanctuary Kitchens can help create your perfect kitchen from furniture, worktops, splashbacks, and tiles to finishing touches such as lighting, taps and handles. Call us today on 01932 252465 or pop into our showroom for colour inspiration.