Bauformat – kitchens designed with flair and personality

Bauformat – kitchens designed with flair and personality

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Bauformat – kitchens designed with flair and personality

Bauformat have been producing high-quality kitchens for over 90 years, specialising in stylish and creative kitchens that have an unmistakable character.  At Sanctuary we have collaborated with Bauformat to offer our clients their wide ranging elegant designs – bringing harmony to kitchens.

Kitchens are the heart of the home, we spend time in them every day whether it’s for cooking, eating or even a chat.  Bauformat believe “Everything happens in the kitchen.  Life happens in the kitchen.”  So getting the design right is vital.  Part of our design consultation focusses on how you and your family will use the kitchen.  Helping to find solutions to improve storage and movement, looking at the space practically as well as aesthetically.

We consider every element from the essentials – storage, cabinets, appliances and worktops to where you might need light to cook or illuminate making things easier to locate.

Working with an innovative partner allows us to truly maximise the space within kitchens and create inspirational designs with access to a wide range of finishes that give kitchens the wow factor.

Classic or Modern

People want more from their kitchens, with many creating open and broken planned living spaces kitchens now have to work harder as a social and practical space.  Integrating the kitchen into living spaces is an important part of the design planning stages.  Many don’t wish their kitchen to look too uniformed and modern preferring a warmer welcoming room that combines classic and modern designs.

Developing solution-focussed kitchens that look beautiful and deliver intelligent storage solutions has remained at the heart of Bauformat’s character since it began in 1929.  They offer a range of styles contemporary, classic and traditional along with unique fronts, textures and colours which showcase their elegant and sleek kitchens.

Classic kitchens are timeless, remaining stylish and elegant whereas modern kitchens are sleek and push the boundaries adding dramatic impact to the kitchen.  If you are looking for something traditional the Lea range of Country Kitchen style fronts are finished in a wood look accompanied with decorative handles reminiscent of bygone days.  For a contemporary statement their handleless range now includes CP grip ledges in on trend brass adding an elegant, warm coloured highlight to the units.

The right handles is also an important part of the design process, they make it easier to open and close units and allow an individual touch.  Alternatively some prefer handleless for a minimalist and clean uninterrupted look.

The new Como Luminoso kitchen from Bauformat combines kitchen elements with the living area creating a feeling of space.  They understand that in the kitchen there are a lot of items that need to be stowed away to avoid chaos they design kitchens that allow you to breathe.

Islands offer several functions as well as providing a generous work surface to prepare food or gather round with friends and family.  Perfect for broken plan living allowing you to zone each area as well as merging the spaces into one.  They also offer plenty of storage and can be accessed easily from all sides.  Why not add a side panel to match the door fronts colour to give a consistent approach or make a statement to coordinate with surrounding furniture.

Bauformat attach great importance to providing optimum storage space and generous work surfaces to allow you to efficiently utilise your kitchen and store things in a way that works for you.

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Cabinets – adding colour and texture

Colour and texture within the kitchen can allow you to personalise your space as well as be daring and express your style visually.  Colour plays a significant factor on how we feel, altering our mood and perceptions.

With a broad selection of colours, textures and finishes Bauformat has something for everyone, offering the chance to mix palettes and design a kitchen individual to you and your home.

Many are moving away from all white cabinetry, using colours to make a statement, blues, greens and pinks are increasing in popularity.  Paired with accent tones of brass and metals.  Used in smaller portions can avoid colour becoming too overpowering such as creating focal points like a feature island.

Lighter, airier spaces can be designed using tones from nature, wood is versatile and calming and can blend well with other colours.  Think about a touch of stone with ceramic fronts in a range of finishes which have an exceptional aesthetic and tactile feel.  Bringing harmony to our environment can help people relax think natural stone and green to connect with our outside spaces.

Matte black can add a fresh accent colour or add drama to a kitchen.  Bauformat’s new matt elegance colours of black matt lacquer, sage silky matt, marsala silky matt and haze blue silky matt add to their already delicious range of finishes.  Their multiple-coat lacquer finish provides an exceptional level of impermeability for the Porto S, Torino S, Girona S, St. Tropez S, Sevilla S and Cambridge S front ranges.  For their Berlin fronts they have added arctic silky matt and black matt. The latter of the two comes with an anti-fingerprint surface finish for a pleasant, velvety warm feel and low maintenance. This makes finger marks barely noticeable to the naked eye.

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Innovative Design

Striving to achieve excellence Bauformat not only consider the external look and feel of their kitchens but also the functional.  The new Climber tambour-door unit is not only stunning but is designed to move the slats up easily to reveal the cabinet contents with doors no longer getting in the way.

For utility rooms they have achieved maximum practicality making optimum use of all available space.  The Smartframe shelf system is a hybrid solution comprising shelf and framing systems for those who wish to have an open shelf design.  New depths are available for base units helpful where shallow depths are needed in narrower spaces.  These are just a few of the elements offered with their kitchens.  Innovative and inspiring design is within the ethos of everything they do.

Sanctuary are aligned with Bauformat in their belief that planning your kitchen is part of your life planning.  It’s about finding the right balance between functionality and design.  As we are individuals with our own character and personality so should our kitchens.  “Good food and a warm kitchen are what makes a house a home.”

Quality, style and variety is available from our Bauformat kitchen range.

Let Sanctuary help you find the right kitchen design for your home.  Pop along to our showroom to see our Bauformat range or call us on 01932 255465 to arrange a free design consultation.