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2019 Kitchen Interior and Colour Trends

Kitchens are no longer just a place to cook, they offer much more from entertaining to a work space and are often the most utilised room in the house.  They remain the centrepiece of our homes a place where everyone gathers so it is important to get the design right.  

With the New Year fast approaching this is the time that many begin planning changes to their home.  More time is often spent planning a new kitchen layout than other parts of the home, focussing on how you plan to use the space goes a long way in helping to shape the design.

Redesigning your kitchen is however, an exciting prospect so to help you here we share some of the interior and colour trends to watch out for in 2019.

Organic themed kitchen with striking floor tiles by Minoli


The way we live in our homes is forever evolving, with busy lifestyles many people wish to bring the outside into their home to improve their wellbeing.   This is being seen in the interior trends for 2019 with a return to nature, organic materials are becoming popular such as wood and stone textures.  Earthy colour tones of green, brown and orange are popping up in interiors.  Whilst people want state of the art appliances which make life easier a desire for a warmer and more welcoming kitchen is appealing.

Sensio spaces where the design is people and experience centric is a leading concept for interiors.  Mixing both modern and traditional to create a sensual environment with reflection and light to fully interact with the senses.  A space that has fluidity with blurred boundaries which allow people to adapt them easily for their changing lifestyle. 

Open Plan to Broken Plan

Open plan kitchens have remained popular but are now emerging into broken plan designs.  This offers a subtle definition between spaces from cooking, relaxing to entertaining.  Through clever design each individual area can be divided whilst still being partially open to one another.

Broken plan offers solutions to some of the issues experienced with open plan living such as a need for privacy, reducing acoustics by offering somewhere for a little peace and quiet.  Storage is also a priority in the home, by removing dividing walls hiding away everyday objects when entertaining can be difficult.

Light and space remains paramount in the overall design, simple tricks through zoning each area can offer a compromise.  Ideas include creating half height walls which allow light to filter through but also define the space and create a place for storage and furniture to be positioned against them.  Modern glazing can be positioned to let in light but create privacy, wider door openings or even smart shelving also offers flexibility to zone areas as and when needed.

Creating individual distinct spaces means you can gain more privacy, cooking without being on show, focussed working space environment and an entertaining area where the washing can’t be seen.  Broken plan retains the sense of light and flow, creating a cosier layout that leaves you less exposed.

Colour Bursts

White kitchens continue to reign as they offer a chic modern elegance.  For 2019 white kitchens are being contrasted with polished urban glamorous textures such as marble effect worktops and mirrored splashbacks.  

Grey cabinets are gaining momentum in kitchen design as they are easy on the eye and provide a classic backdrop to kitchens. Colour is coming through though to match people’s lifestyle being seen across fashion and interiors. 

Pantone’s predictions include empowering colours that are uplifting and fun from orange reds which add energy, reds giving elegance, striking pinks, turmeric drawing inspiration from warm spicy tones, corals adding a softer edge, golden yellow which create joy and cheer, majestic blues, comforting mustard yellows and natural tones of forest green and olive.

Luxury yellow kitchen interior with furniture and appliances. Style and design concept. 3D Rendering

Citrus colours combined with natural toned cabinets create a playful organic theme to kitchens reflecting optimism and bold statements.

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Mix and match random tiles in warm or cool tones by Minoli


Handless kitchens look set to remain throughout 2019 for those desiring a sleek streamlined modern design.  Original handles however, can add a unique element to the overall design, with so many varieties of colour, material and style now available the choice is endless.

Metallic and reflective tones look set to add a luxurious feel to any kitchen, with mirrored or metallic splashbacks.  Gold and copper are continuing to grow in popularity, for 2019 brushed brass is going to be seen everywhere.  These stand-out metallic textures are featured in taps, accessories and tiles adding a touch of drama and a refreshing alternative to chrome.

Moroccan themes are popping up, they remind us of warmer climates and add a statement feature to the design.  Stand out splashbacks are back in vogue, with a wide choice of designs in warm and cool palettes.  Keeping with the natural themes tile patterns are also mimicking nature, botanical colours and designs are likely to feature in tiles and cabinetry along with terracotta earth tones.

Mock up poster frames in kitchen interior,  panoramic background, 3d render


Pantry larders offer a unique storage solution in the kitchen providing somewhere to hide away cooking equipment and ingredients working well in open plan kitchens.  If you don’t have the space for a larder another ongoing trend is for open shelving which offer a great option as well as opening up the space and reducing the need for wall units.

Open shelving gives people the chance to display their glass and chinaware.  With a fantastic array of decorative storage jars which can add pops of colour why not keep non-perishable foods on display giving easy access to them.  The New Year is a good time to declutter deciding what brings you joy and which items no longer serve you.  Filter out your appliances and crockery and streamline the utensils making the kitchen more useable and liveable and clutter free.

If you would like some advice on planning your new kitchen and discover the new textures and tones available why not call us on 01932 255465 or email sales@sanctuarydesign.co.uk.