Calming Cashmere

With a tired, out of date kitchen in need of a total reincarnation guided by Sanctuary the room was given a modern design in calming cashmere tones.


Daunted by the huge choice of kitchens on the market this couple kept putting it off and focussing on other projects within their house until they could delay no longer.  Wishing to avoid making the wrong decision on such a significant purchase they approached Sanctuary for guidance through the maze of kitchen colours, textures, finishes and styles available to them.

Kate initially focussed on a wish list with the clients, discussing how they used their kitchen, storage needs and a mood board of colours and designs they liked.  Starting with a classic shaker style, the clients quickly moved to modern flat doors as they were easier to maintain which aligned with their busy lifestyles.

Shiny polished or matt door finishes was the next dilemma, with a north facing kitchen good lighting and lighter toned doors were important.  They also wanted to retain the ability to eat in the kitchen for light meals, the existing table was too big and a breakfast bar was not possible to achieve.

On their wish list was an American style fridge freezer with an ice-maker.  Kate offered alternative solutions such as integrated refrigeration to keep a streamlined look but on reflection the American dream won the day.


To create ample worktop space the hob was positioned in a central location between the windows so there was ample room either side for preparation.  The oven and microwave combination were placed on the back wall along with the larder to keep the clutter free simple style.  This allowed us to encase the much desired American fridge freezer which could then blend in with the overall design.

A two tone mix of Cashmere glossy doors and Fenix matt doors, which have a smooth finish without leaving smear marks helped create a calm but light feel to the kitchen.  Sensa Ice Blue granite worktops completed the design, sealed to give a non-porous finish.  This was also used to create a matching bespoke table top with room for two diners meeting the clients need for somewhere to enjoy light meals.

SKB BR OT 61 525


Working closely with the clients allowed us to meet their wish list of light modern kitchen with storage, seating for two and incorporating a much wanted American fridge freezer.  The existing walk in larder was decorated and new doors made so that they were flush with the wall to seamlessly blend with the overall design.  The Cashmere and Ottawa colours gave an earthy natural feel to the room and the granite with its unique markings complimented the plain matt finish porcelain floor tiles. 

“Having installed our bathrooms previously Sanctuary were an obvious choice for our kitchen project.  Once again we have been delighted with the design, quality, workmanship and tidiness of the Team, which kept disruption to a minimum.”

Mr & Mrs B, Weybridge