Tactile Tiles

Tactile Tiles

SKB TT Marvel Twist Mosaic 525

Tactile Tiles

Tiles are a great way to personalise your bathroom, the colour, texture and shape you choose can totally transform the look and feel of your bathroom.

There are lovely ranges available whether you want to create a standout feature wall, statement floor or stylish splashback.  The choice of beautiful tiles is endless, here are some of the latest designs to tempt you.

SKB TT Marvel Cremo Del 525

Minoli’s indulgent Marvel Cremo Delicato Tiles

Calming Classics

We often retreat to our bathrooms for a little peace and quiet.  A place to soak away or dream under a waterfall shower to cleanse our busy minds.  Adding touches of nature is very popular with elements of wood and greenery evoking a peaceful space.

Marble effect porcelain tiles add elements of prestige to a bathroom.  When featured in warmer creamy and beige tones they create an authentic and relaxing feel to the room.  These classic tiles are perfect for designing a much desired calm bathroom escape.

SKB TT MarvelDream_004_03 525 (2)

Marvel Dream Bianco-Ultramarine Diamonds Design

Standout Feature Walls

A bathroom can be transformed by adding drama and elegance with a visual standout feature wall created with colourful or patterned tiles.  It can change it from a traditional bathroom to a luxurious sanctuary.

One option is to only feature the tiles on one wall maybe within a bath or shower area making a special zone.  Then keeping balance by introducing more subtle colours and textures to harmonise the overall design scheme.

Standout feature walls are the perfect way to design a bespoke bathroom around you.

Immagini 3143

Minoli’s sophisticated Marvel Calacatta Extra

Combining Formats

When designing your bathroom or ensuite consider incorporating a combination of tile formats.  Many now choose larger tile formats due to less grout lines these can help to make a room feel bigger and less busy.

Monochrome schemes are a classic design used within traditional and contemporary settings.  Keeping to a one-tone colour scheme can also make it easier to choose.  You have the flexibility to combine different tile shapes whilst tying the design together with the same colour scheme.

Consider varying tile styles, sticking to an overall neutral scheme.

Atlas Concorde MARVEL PRO

Minoli’s Prestigious Marvel Statuario Select Tiles

Marvellous Marble

There is nothing that quite matches marble for creating a marvellous aesthetic.  With striking veins porcelain tiles create the authentic look and feel of natural marble.  They truly are a timeless classic to any space.

Pure luxury can be achieved when adding wall-to-wall marble tiles exuding luxury and sophistication in a subtle but impactful way.

SKB TT Original Style_Mosaics_Pearl Scale Frosted GW-PRLSCMOSF 525 (2)

Pearl Scale Frosted Mosaic by Original Style

Mesmerising Mosaics

Mosaics are versatile offering a brilliant way to add unique touches to your bathroom design.  Whether you wish to create a feature wall, splashback, shower zone or decorative elements in niches.  The choice is vast with a spectrum of colours, designs and textures.

Mosaics have always been on trend, popular styles include fish scale design or scallop tiles which create a spell binding effect reminiscent of the sea.  Along with organic inspired designs with honeycomb hexagons and soft leaves in a range or earthy green and natural tones.

They come in all shapes and sizes too, from little to large adding impact to any bathroom.  One of the key benefits is that not only are mosaics practical they can also be added to both flat and curved surfaces.  Create opulent ambience, touches of drama or a luxurious calm texture to your next project.

SKB TT Original Style_Odyssey_Grande_Knightshayes 525

Knightshayes Design from Original Styles Odyssey Range

Statement Floors

A perfect way to add character and personality to your bathroom is to choose a statement tiled floor.  The Odyssey range by Original Style is inspired by places and styles around the globe and works well when combined with traditional bathroom fittings.

Dramatic and bold floor tiles can set the scene for your bathroom design allowing other elements to stand out such as a free standing bath as the focal point.  This works in both traditional and contemporary settings.

Bold and eclectic floor tiles can also work wonders in smaller spaces adding the statement touch of colour and design.  If your preference is a more minimalist or monochrome palette, sophisticated patterns and designs can be added to give a stunning visual yet subtle effect to the overall finish.

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