Research Shows Which Features Really Do Bring in the Buyers

Many people are aware that after location, size and condition of a property, we start to take notice of the property’s special features and these can be key to selling it quickly and for a good price.

We teamed up with who conducted an exclusive survey of 2000+ people with Populus to examine which features buyers actually want to find in their dream house.

We weren’t surprised to see the results.

If you equip your property with a spa bathroom design then a large majority of buyers will instantly consider it more desirable to buy.’s survey indicated that a total of 70% of women opted for a spa bathroom compared with 62% of men.

This explains why, when it comes to the spa bathroom, there was evidence of a modest gender gap, with women preferring a higher level of domestic pampering than men.

Underfloor Heating

Another interesting find from the survey explained that underfloor heating is an increasingly popular alternative to radiators and the demand looks set to rise with no fewer than 65% of people saying it makes a property more attractive.

The appeal of underfloor heating is high across the age ranges, although it is the 35-44 age group that prizes it the most (73%) and 65+ the least (56%). The prospect of having a cosy, warm floor to walk on with bare feet (especially in the bathroom) on a cold winter morning is a factor people consider.

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