Baths – Let’s Get Cosy

Baths – Let’s Get Cosy


Baths – Let’s Get Cosy

As the temperatures start to drop there is nothing cosier than coming home to a welcoming bath at the end of busy day.  Bathing can help you relax aching muscles and relieve tension, giving you the chance for some down time to bring balance back to your life both physically and mentally.

Choosing the right bath for your home is important, there are many things to consider.  Who will be using the bath, where should it be positioned, what size is required including depth and width and which style will work best within your new bathroom.

With such a broad range to choose from why not let Sanctuary help guide you through the wonderful variety of baths available.  Sharing our expertise on how to make the most of your bathroom space through creative and clever design solutions.

Bathing Bliss

Whatever the size of your bathroom or ensuite there will be a bath perfect for the room.  Baths come in many shapes and sizes in modern and traditional designs and can be standalone or multifunctional.  Which type of bath is most suitable for you?

Sanctuary work with many suppliers to offer clients an extensive range of options.  One in particular is Victoria + Albert Baths who are a leader in luxury bathroom design.  They showcase beautiful baths from freestanding to inset with modern, unique and traditional styles.  All are made from quarrycast which combines finely ground volcanic limestone with resin.  The material has high insulation properties adding warmth, beauty and strength to their luxurious baths.  All of their baths add a touch of elegance to bathroom designs.

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Shower Bath

If space is limited shower baths allow you to soak away and relax as well as showering in comfort.  They can be standalone or built in depending on where you wish to position or use the bath.

The BetteSelect bath combines clear, elegant design with a high level of comfort and flexibility.  With a relaxed back angle for a cosy bath it also features a generous standing area for use as a shower.  Bette baths are made from steel enamel which gives a lasting finish that retains the heat and gives a beautiful sheen which is scratchproof, UV-resistant and easy to clean.  They are exceptionally resilient and made to last with a guarantee for 30 years.   Available in various dimension options, they are ideally suited for smaller bathrooms.

Accompany the bath with a pivot shower screen allowing flexibility to create space when bathing or a screen for showering, adding clean lines to the design as well as offering easy maintenance.


Victoria+Albert elegant and classically refined Worcester bath adds a touch of luxury.

Decadent Baths for Two

Baths designed for sharing ensure both enjoy the bathing experience in comfort.  Double ended baths such as roll top baths with centrally positioned fixtures are best.  Taps and waste placed in the middle of a bath are especially good for families where children enjoy bath time together.

Consider the length and width of the bath if it is for two, comfort is paramount to fully enjoy the bathing experience.

Victoria+Albert Richmond bath would suit modern or period settings.

SKB BLGC V&A Richmond 525

Freestanding Statement Bath

If space allows why not install a free standing bath to make a real statement in your bathroom – they are the epitome of luxury.  These can be positioned as the centrepiece of the room and come in modern or traditional designs with our without feet.  If you wish to make the space feel large choose a bath with feet so that you can see the floor tiles.

To complement the bath why not add a floor standing bath valve with or without a hand shower to perfectly pair them together.  Sanctuary supply the full range of fixtures from Hansgrohe who offer superior design, craftsmanship and quality.

Wishing for a freestanding but need a built in consider a semi fitted design that has the look of a freestanding bath but can accommodate a shower.  Victoria + Albert have created a unique collection of freestanding baths from traditional to contemporary, classic designs along with stylish simplicity never lose their appeal.

SKB BLGC V&A Kaldera 525

Space Saving Baths

Baths come in a range of sizes so if space is limited Sanctuary can help find one that works for you.  Inset baths are a versatile option for a modern bathroom, positioned flush to the wall they suit most bathroom designs.  Available in a range of sizes with options of both single or double ended fixtures.

Inset baths could have either a matching panel for a streamlined appearance or match the floor tiles to create an illusion of space.  If you wish to add a bold statement incorporate dramatic tiles or mosaics to create a touch of luxury and personality to the design.

Once you have decided on which bath best suits your home, think about where it should be positioned to create the perfect escape.

Leica S

Victoria+Albert tear-drop shape Napoli bath offers the simplicity of rimless bathing.

Setting the Mood

Why not include a recess areas near the bath creating a practical and atmospheric place.  Somewhere to add finishing touches with accessories and candles to set the mood with luxurious aromas as you soak away.

Mood lighting is an important element of the design process.  Light changes throughout the day and seasons so adding wall lights, or subtle lighting around mirrors or cabinets allows you to create a snug and cosy atmosphere.

Towel Rails ideally need to be positioned near to your bath, so that you can easily reach them when you exit the bath, to keep you cosy when you leave the bath why not add a beautifully soft bath mat.  Treat yourself to some luxurious fluffy towels, these can also add a pop of colour to the room.

Splashes of colour, why not personalise your bath with a unique colour element either a bright colour or even on-trend black for a bit of drama.

Bringing nature into the home is becoming ever more popular and adds warmth to the environment.  Create spa ambience with reminders of your holidays with greenery to help create the perfect cosy sanctuary.

Call Sanctuary today on 01932 255465 or email we are here to help, offering guidance on choosing the perfect bath and room layout for your home.