Bathroom Storage Solutions

Bathroom Storage Solutions

SKB ELUALINE LED Schneider 525

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Busy bathrooms often require clever storage, so having a place for everything helps to keep the room clutter free and tidy.

Think of all the things you need in the bathroom from toiletries to towels to help decide how much storage you need.  Integrate freestanding pieces into the design.  Wall mounted units can help to create more room, consider mirrored fronts which allow light to reflect giving the illusion of space.  

Dual Pieces

With space often at a premium dual purpose pieces can form part of the design as well as providing practical storage solutions.  Think about stylish basins positioned over wall hung vanity units.  Giving the appearance of floating in your bathroom they provide more visible floor space without the need to sacrifice on style.

These offer handy drawer space for easy access to toiletries easily adapted to both contemporary and traditional designs.  If the room allows why not choose an opulent twin basin vanity unit, two is always better than one in a busy bathroom.

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Niche Shelving

Use every bit of space available consider incorporating a recess shelf into the shower or bath area.  Somewhere to keep shampoos and shower gels within handy reach or beautiful candles to help relax after a long day.

Personalise them with stunning mosaic tiles making a unique statement feature or pop of colour in your bathroom.   Subtle lighting can also be added to create ambient lighting in the room giving the room a hotel chic spa feel.

SKB GRACELINE Schneider 525

Schneider Graceline mirror cabinet brings exclusive style to your everyday world.

Mirror Mirror

Luxurious mirrored wall cabinets reflect light within a bathroom but also provide hidden storage and beneficial features including electrical socket points for shavers or toothbrushes.  These can either be wall mounted or recessed into stud walls to give you generous storage capabilities.

As well as giving you mirrored doors on the outside, delightfully you will find mirrors on the inside of the door.  This wonderfully practical feature avoids the need to keep closing the door or take items out as you put on your make up or shave.  So when you are finished all you need to do is shut the door with everything neatly stored away.

Illuminated mirrored cabinet’ such as Schneider’s stunning range allow you to add a style statement to your design whist adding valuable storage.

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Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the home so only keep products you use on a regular basis.   Avoid counter clutter by only keeping out items that you use daily such as soap or hand cream this makes it quicker and easier to clean the bathroom and will make it feel much more spacious.

Many of us buy the latest beauty products only to return to our staple go to favourites.  If you pause to consider whether you need or like a product chances are you don’t.

Don’t forget to check the dates on everything.  If they have a chemical smell they are likely to be past their best, some may even no longer work for you.

Sort by type to make it easier:

  • Cosmetics and perfumes
  • Hair products
  • Skin products
  • Personal Care
  • Children’s bath toys
  • Towels
  • Cleaning products
  • Medication and First Aid supplies


Once you have sorted everything store them away either by category or organised in a method that works for you.

SKB BSS BB 1920 525

Reduce and Recycle

Many cleaning products such as limescale cleaners and bleach are abrasive and acidic easily corroding or damaging your bathroom fittings.  Consider more environmentally friendly products such as e-cloths and natural based products.

Recycle wherever possible, offer items you no longer want to friends or family.  If products are unused food banks will often take them as toiletries are an expensive but much needed outlay.  Even towels that have seen better days can be donated to vets or animal charities.

When everything has been sorted and decluttered you are then aware of what you do and don’t use reducing the need to buy more and enjoying the one’s you have chosen.

A clutter free space makes you feel happier, is easy to clean and more attractive – a haven to enjoy every day.


Keeping your bathroom space clutter free with clever storage will allow the room to look bigger.  From hidden to statement pieces – consider what you need in your new bathroom.

Whatever the size of your space Sanctuary Kitchens & Bathrooms can share clever storage solutions that help create a luxurious bathroom or ensuite.  Call us today on 01932 255465 or pop into our showroom.