A Warm Front

The brief was to create a warm and comfortable bathroom for our active clients.

Emily’s Top Tips

Consider how to co-ordinate colour within your room layout.  Choose your colour carefully and opt for one that offers continuity to other areas of your home for a sense of balance.  In a smaller space it is easy to add a sense of drama by simply using contrasting materials for added texture

This room has generous proportions so we’ve divided the room into distinct areas; by introducing the steam and shower area into a large part of the room we have reduced the overall space to make the room feel cosier and less expansive.  We’ve created surface area behind the basin and around the bath for placing candles and accessories to add interest to the room.

We’ve included Devimat under floor heating to complement the heated towel rail which will predominantly be used for towels, the under floor heating will help provide a consistent heat within the room.  By effective use of lighting we have created an ambient atmosphere; there are warm white LED’s within the recesses at either end of the bath and within the shower area.  These are combined with low voltage down lights switched separately and dimmable to be used in conjunction with the LED’s if and when required.


To aid relaxation we’ve incorporated a bespoke steam area with seating for two to warm up the Dalmenys after their dog walking.  Steam is renowned for helping you to relax, relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and boost the immune system.  The extractor fan is positioned directly outside the shower door to ensure any excess steam when entering the enclosure is removed from the room.  The Aquaplus Argon shower door is in a Bronze glass finish which again makes the room feel cosy and adds an element of privacy to the steam and shower area, we’ve also personalized the room by using the same bronze glass within the Geberit Sigma 50 flush plate.

The Bette floor shower tray within the enclosure allows us to create a wet room effect and yet keeps the room practical and waterproof, the tray will help retain the water within the bespoke showering area and is also easy to maintain.  Warm towels can be easily reached from the Zehnder Yucca Asymmetrical towel rail which is positioned just outside the shower area.

As the client’s lead particularly busy lives we have suggested products with clean lines from the Axor Citterio M range combined with Laufen LB3 Design which provide smooth continuous surfaces making the area easy to clean.   To complement the age of the property and add warmth to the room we have opted for natural Travertine tiles combined with dark Marron Imperial marble tops for the area above the basin and within the recesses at either end of the bath.  The large format tiles and stone tops are particularly tactile and add an element of luxury and indulgence to the design.  The dark marble tops also complement the Dark Wenge finish of the vanity unit.  The client’s had an existing ornate mirror which we decided to include which adds a touch of glamour and softens the space.

The Laufen LB3 Design bath and basins feature integral overflows and an optional gel waterproof pillow for the bath.  The vanity unit features an interior drawer for smaller items which maximizes the storage available within the unit and the wall hung pan and vanity unit to make the floor area easy to clean.

The combination of colours and materials with depth create warmth, the neutral base colour of the main wall and floor tile allows for the client to add personal touches and change accent colours with the accessories and towels which can be refreshed at any time.