Bathrooms in Windsor

Bathrooms in Windsor

Sanctuary bathrooms have for many years been creating bathrooms in Windsor fit for a King or Queen. 

Now more than ever clients are looking for bathrooms that allow them to feel like royalty, luxurious sanctuaries away from the day to day stresses of life.

The Royal Borough of Windsor has some of the most exclusive homes in the country, offering a variety of properties from modern to historic.  None more so than Windsor Castle which boasts over 900 years of occupation as one of the largest and oldest castles in the world.  Regarded as home by Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal family it has changed significantly over time from its origins as a wooden motte to the beautiful castle that has survived civil and world wars.

Castles used to be uncomfortable places to inhabit with no toilets but rather ‘garderobes’ how times have changed.  Today bathrooms in Windsor can reflect pure class with toilets that have full use of modern technology, water saving solutions and designs that suit all tastes.

As late as the early 1950s Windsor Castle had no central heating, in his role of moderniser to the crown properties Prince Philip looked to introduce heating along with installing some modern bathrooms with running hot water.  Apparently Queen Elizabeth’s personal bathroom before being updated was so tiny at Windsor Castle that she could only climb into her old bath from one end.  Bathrooms in Windsor need not worry about space Sanctuary Bathrooms can create delightful rooms no matter what the size allowing you to move fluidly.

Their product knowledge and experience will help you design a room that can make you feel like royalty every day of the week.  These include simple changes from underfloor heating allowing you to step out onto a warm floor, ambient lighting, deep luxurious baths to soak away any tensions and recessed alcoves to store your bathroom treasures or to simply relax by candlelight.

Windsor Castle is only part of the Windsor Estate which has over 15,000 acres and includes the Great Park home to Guards Polo Club, Ascot Racecourse, Virginia Water Lake and the famous Savill and Valley Gardens.  Dorney Lake which hosted Rowing and Kayak events during the Olympics in 2012 is nearby providing a centre for sporting excellence and activities.   There is also fun for the whole family with Legoland Windsor Resort providing excitement for all ages, bathrooms in Windsor even include a lego theme at the resort hotel from lego designs to toiletries.

Our specialist bathroom design and installation company is only 10 miles from historic Windsor and its surrounding areas including Ascot, Sunningdale and Eton.  Let Sanctuary Kitchens and Bathrooms help you create a majestic bathroom in your castle.

Call us on 01932 255465 and book an appointment with one of our designers to discuss your bathroom in Windsor.

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