Bathrooms in Guildford

Bathrooms in Guildford

A short 20 minute drive from Sanctuary Kitchens and Bathrooms in Shepperton brings you to the picturesque town of Guildford.

With experience of creating bathroom ideas and bringing inspiration to bathrooms in Guildford, Sanctuary Bathrooms have worked in a broad spectrum of homes.  Properties and bathrooms in Guildford range from period cottages in the surrounding villages, Victorian houses with roll top baths, Edwardian homes with elaborate decorative finishes to postwar and modern houses and flats reflecting more contemporary bathrooms.  Whatever size and style of your bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom Sanctuary Kitchens and Bathrooms will find solutions and design inspiration for your home.

Positioned in the heart of the Surrey countryside Guildford is recognised not only for its stunning and spectacular views of the Surrey Hills but also the huge amount of leisure and fitness activities available.   Whether you are walking, jogging, running or cycling there are a variety of scenic routes to take to further explore the network of lanes, footpaths and bridleways.  Following a day of energetic and fun activities in the beautiful local surroundings families will be using bathrooms in Guildford to enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath or refreshing shower before heading off to the town centre which offers cuisine to suit all taste buds.

The town’s roots go back to the Saxons with the name recorded in the 10th century as ‘Guldeford’, historians believe the name originates from the words gold and ford referring to the golden sand found around the banks of the River Wey.  Guildford has William the Conqueror to thank for the classic Norman castle which was built to overawe the conquered residents.  The remaining parts of the castle can still be enjoyed along with the beautiful grounds and gardens.

The town also has connections with Charles Lutwidge Dodgson aka ‘Lewis Carroll’, he bought The Chestnuts for his sisters in 1868 and lived and visited the town regularly until his death in 1898.  In recognition of his time in the town, two bronze sculptures of Alice and the white rabbit can be seen in the Castle grounds and The River Wey.  Alice Through the Looking Glass the sequel to Alice in Wonderland was written on one of his many visits.   Sanctuary Kitchens and Bathrooms can help clients design an ‘Alice’ inspired theme for family bathrooms in Guildford using white bathroom furniture complimented by black and white checkerboard tiles providing an accent background.  Like Alice, guiding clients through a mirror – this time into a bathroom world that they can see beyond with 3D designs and extensive product knowledge.

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