Relaxing Retreat

We were approached by our client with a brief to create and install a bathroom that allowed them to rest and unwind in, a relaxing retreat – a special space to be calm and take time out.

Top priority on their wish-list was a freestanding bath to soak away and de-stress after a busy day. Although there was limited width available, we wanted to ensure they had somewhere to relax after a hectic day, so a compact statement freestanding bath created the main feature.

We looked to maximise as much space as possible by recessing the fittings including a mirrored wall cabinet and tall storage unit. As the room was being designed as a retreat for our client, we included a vanity area with a sleek countertop bowl with a wall mounted single control basin mixer to match the bath filler.

Working with our client, a warm tile scheme was chosen and integrated into the overall design to enhance the sense of calm in the room. Underfloor heating reduced the need for extra radiators creating warmth and comfort this was offset with a designer hot hoop radiator to warm towels.